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Singing bowl, Tuhannen Tarinan Talo

€20.00 / h
Price includes 1 person.

We welcome you to relax at Tuhannen Tarinan Taloon

Mallet hits the bowl and releases smoothing sound waves. The resonating sound will relax the mind and body. The singing relaxation session has begun. Singing bowl relaxation is based on sound waves. The waves will relax your mind and body. Your guide will hit the bowl with a mallet and the resonating sound will fill the room. During the session you are ushered to the relaxed state by your guide. You might even fall asleep.

At the beginning of the session your guide will explain how the bowl work and the basic principle the method. You will be lying on the joga mat during the relaxation. The sound from the bowls is not loud, but smoothing and relaxing.

Price includes:mats, pillow and blanket.

Relaxation is held indoors at Tuhannen Tarinan Talo. Address is: Nikkarintie 124, 46530 Kannuskoski