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Overnight stay in the nicest guesthouse on the Väliväylä canoeing route

Overnight stay in the nicest guesthouse on the Väliväylä canoeing route
€90.00 / d
Price includes 1 person.Extras:
  • Adults€60.00
  • Children€35.00
  • Children 0-3 years€10.00

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Farmhouseholidays Tuhannen Tarinan Talo is located in Finnish Lake District, in a peaceful rural village of Kannuskoski, 2 hours from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. It is a family run business, lovely setting in the Finnish country side. Enjoy beautiful scenery, quietness, fresh air, local food and of course the genuine Finnish sauna experience.

Tuhannen Tarinan Talo is located near the Väliväylä canoeing route. If you are planning to paddle along the route we recommend you to stay comfortable at our guest house, enjoy local food and rest well before heading further down the river. You can discover local life along your canoeing trip when you stay a bit longer.

The distance from the Väliväylä river route is 2,5 km. You can park your canoe and we will pick you up by car and return you to the trail well rested.

This package includes accommodation, buffet dinner, sauna, breakfast and transport of kayakers (not equipment) from and to the village of Kannuskoski.


2-7 pm check in (please contact us for the pick-up time)

8.30- 9.30 am Breakfast

At 17-18 Dinner

Saunas available

Half board includes dinner on day of arrival, breakfast on departure day.

Väliväylä canoeing route

Over the years, the Väliväylä route has become known as a floating route connecting the waterways of the Saimaa and Kymijoki rivers, where narrow lakes and rivers follow each other in a smooth queue. It is the southernmost waterway in Lake Finland proper, and its story is coloured by the romance of loggers and the history of Finnish industrialisation. At the same time, it is also a rich piece of the most beautiful Finland with its nature experiences; one of the cleanest waterways in Southern Finland.

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